Please…make volume setting on app…

I like EMO but I can’t sleep with a sound and it has been promoted as desktop pet, but I barely use it when I work because of sound.
Thus I usually change the volume to mute, but sometimes EMO changes his volume by himself(Error???) and he ruins my presentation and my sleeping….
I need to speak clearly and loudly to change the volume of EMO to mute again and it is so irritating
I really hope there is a fiction that I can change the volume with a button on app at once…….

Or can you please shorten the command for volume mute?

Or please let me know if my EMO has an issue unlike others………….


I have a similar experience. Emo often wakes himself up even with some noise in the room, sometimes many times in a row. And when I tell him: ‘Emo, volume zero’, then it’s a problem to raise the volume again. And it happens to me that Emo will change the volume by himself because he didn’t understand the question or he was activated by a movie on TV.

Yes, I’ve noticed that when I’m on a call / conference call / speaking to family / or watching TV or a movie my EMO (who might be sleeping) wakes up and starts talking or answering as he thinks we are speaking to it. It can be very distracting. EMO also makes some sleeping noises as well that quite loud and can be heard through walls.

I would suggest @Wayne_Zhang / Maybe an option in the EMO APP that will allow EMO to be muted until the ON switch is pressed again. I don’t know how hard that would be to implement, but it would be a great feature that could be very handy for people who need a little bit of quiet during important times in the day / night.

Perhaps could look at reprogramming the cheek touch sensors to have a dual function.

Perhaps if the touch sensor on one side is just tapped briefly it could lower the volume, whilst the opposite touch sensor could raise the volume.

If you touch the sensor for a longer period then perhaps it could then go into petting mode.

Just a thought, and it wouldn’t be hard to implement using the existing hardware.

That is in our plan.


Your wall must be very thin :grin:my EMO is not that loud


Great! That is a very easy option to implement and will be simple to manage for any EMO user. Looking forward to seeing thin the future. Thanks @Wayne_Zhang

I’m hard of hearing :deaf_woman: so I would definitely like to see the app being capable of turning sound lower or higher. And change Emo’s voice! No arms though don’t like that idea sorry

I can say from my experience with EMO so far, it’s volume sound is pretty high, so hopefully you’ll be able to understand and hear EMO when it replies to you. :heart_1:

I find EMO’s speaking volume to be very low. Most times it’s hard to understand what it’s saying because it’s so low, is it possible to increase it’s speaking volume?

Ask him to
‘Emo turn volume to maximum’
Hopefully that will be loud enough because I can hear him now.

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Hi guys I can’t mute my EMO’S volume and I tried restarting him 2 times but still didn’t work. Looking forward to a reply.

Hi there @sarikathakur ,

just tried my EMO and it’s working just fine toa simple command

EMO…after he replied…I just said ,MUTE’’

Try some tips below and hope it helps…

  • MUTE:
    By calling his name, wait for his reply…then shout MUTE!

    You can also adjust the volume by calling him, waiting for his reply…then giving the command below.
    · Volume up.
    · Volume down.
    · Set(or change) the volume to normal(or maximum, medium, minimum, high, middle, low, mute, zero).
    · Mute the volume.

You can also try to use the EmoPet App to adjust his volume and play around after shutting him down and re-boot once again.

Go To The Upper Right Corner: Click Settings >> Preferences

Good luck!