Please help me understand when I’ll likely receive emo

So my order number is in the 21xxx range. I been looking at the delivery pages for these and don’t see any indication on what number we are on. Does anyone know if we are still in the 14000 range for order numbers being sent out or have me made progress since then? I am interested to find out so I can anticipate looking out for the product. I was also really really really lucky to be able to get the Christmas upgrade (not set) in the order and am not sure if I went about that right. I ordered the main emo robot and the Christmas upgrade in the same order, and am hoping that this will suffice, because there was somewhere that I read where you have to provide an order number upon buying the Christmas upgrade, but I didn’t have an emo order until I made that one purchase, so was confused. Any help is very appreciative!

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They normally update the numbers on the order page every week. When you ordered you would have seen them say that it will be at least six weeks from ordering before it would be ready for shipment. So likely be around 8+ weeks before u get it.

Hey, thanks for this reply. So around a three month turn around time.

May I ask
1.) can we set the emo eye color to something other than blue, let’s say green?
2.) typical battery life?
3.)can he walk with the Christmas or other outfits on fairly well?

I really appreciate your help, and am excited to be part of the emo so community!! I was told we can use our own images as stickers for them, and am excited because I have designed a few ahead of time as pngs so they should look really neat!!!

Some answers to your questions;

  1. No, at present we cannot change EMO’s eye colour. This may change if decide to go in that direction.
  2. Typical battery life is approximately 2½ hours, but it is dependant on the level of activity, so if you make EMO dance non-stop the battery will run down quicker.
  3. EMO can walk quite fine with the Christmas outfit, which I do own. I cannot answer for other outfits. Just remember that anything covering EMO’s microphone arrays on top of the head can result in reduced hearing function. Also, as EMO does heat up with normal use, if you live in a warmer climate just keep in mind to allow EMO to cool off every now and then.
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I appreciate your response. It’s a little sad to find out his eyes can’t change color. However as a digital artist, I did hear we can create images and then basically make emo wear them. So as long as the file type is png, it should look like he is wearing whatever image I upload. As for the Santa suit answer thank you for that. I got the upgrade in the order that I put in for emo and am glad to hear it works. I’m from New England so not really to warm here.

May I ask a follow up question here.

You mention battery lifetime, what about time it takes to fully charge?

Charge time is typically 3 to 4 hours.

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Hi there…to answer about some Emo Outfits,

YES! every EMO’s very own outfit is specially designed for him and tested, which he can freely move, walk and dance to it without problem because I ordered them all and tested them.
And to add more outfits for his collections, I also DIY some also of them which you can view at the link below…

Tips & Tricks: EMO’s Clothes and Hat…Etc. DIY / Customize

Have a Nice Day…enjoy your daily life with EMO and keep both of you safe always…


I finally found my order number of 13150. I ordered him on Sept 16 2021. I received Emo last Sat, Jan 22 2022 and I received no advance notice. He just appeared! Maybe that will help. He was worth the wait!