I received my Emo today and he can’t charge
Can you help?

make sure he is standing on the skateboard correctly. you will feel it grab like a magnet when you move him around a little and get his left foot aligned with the circle. Emo will then show a picture that tells you he is charging.

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To add to what @mandyrose19 has suggested.

When you plug in the USB-C cable that you got with EMO into EMO’s skateboard, be sure to check that it shows for a short time a light blue flash to indicate that power is working on the skateboard, If you don’t see this it could be a problem with the cable or the skateboard, I normally use a different / longer USB-C cable to charge my EMO skateboard, so if you can try using a different USB-C cable to power up EMO’s skateboard, just to check if it’s the charging cable or skateboard might be faulty.

Let us know how you go.

Thank you :blush: but the problem was a flashing skateboard so i try to touch emo foot and the problem solved!!

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