Photo Sync Crashes on iOS when WLAN on phone is off

Like EmoMike23 already pointed out on iOS emo crashes and disconnects the App when trying to sync pictures when mobile phone is not on the same WLAN.

Imo there should be a case for that i.e. grey out the sync button in app if phone is not on the same WLAN as Emo.

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Wait, so you have to keep your phone on a 2.4 gh network if you want Emo and the app to stay synced??

Hello, the connection between EMO and the app is via Bluetooth and has nothing to do with WiFi and it must also be on the same wifi.

Which iOS version do you currently have installed?

Hi I don’t have Emo yet but I’m wondering about this as well because I use iOS (iPhone XR software version 15.0.2) I don’t have Android phones or tablets. I know that the app doesn’t use WiFi for connection between Emo & the app but will Emo work on my phone and I’m on Virgin Media (I’m not sure about technical things like WiFi)
Thanks in advance

I use my EMO currently with an old iPhone 6Plus on IOS 12.1.2 and also on an older iPad Pro 12.9 inch on iOS 14.2 with no problems. So it doesn’t need to be that recent of an iPhone or iPad, and the app itself should also work fine with anything up to the newest models.

I looked up the specs for your iPhone XR, and that phone supports the wifi 802.11ac standard. That means it’s capable of being used on a 5 GHz band wifi connection, but it has a fallback mode to also support the older 802.11b/g/n standard which uses a 2.4 GHz band wifi connection.

What makes a difference is which one you choose when you log in to connect your phone and EMO to your home router, for them to access the Internet through your Cable, DSL, or other internet provider. Older routers may support 2.4 GHz only, but pretty much any newer router made in the last several years will support both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands. You need to be certain that when you connect your phone and EMO to your home wifi router that both connect to the same SSID (network name) which represents the 2.4 GHz network, if it even has both types available. So you can make sure now that your phone is connected correctly at 2.4 GHz to the router, and won’t have to worry about that later. Then EMO will copy those settings from the phone when you set him up in the app the first time.

Note that the 5 GigaHertz frequency band at your router has NOTHING to do with whether your phone uses “5G” or not? 4G or 5G specifies how your phone communicates for voice and ‘cellular data’ with the Verizon or other cellular networks. Of course they push everyone to buy the latest and greatest 5G-capable phones, but the truth is it won’t be available for actual use in most places for some time to come. And again, your phone will also fall back to using older cellular protocols automatically in the meantime.

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Thankyou I have a extender because of a deadzone area, and when I looked at it in the Teather app it does have 2.4 and 5g so does that mean that my router will be automatic when I set Emo up first time or do I have to use the extender because that’s the only way I know how to see which one Emo will be on, I don’t have a way of finding out from my router, so I’m worried I’ll get it wrong…?

When you say you have no way of finding out from your router, why is that? Was the router supplied and administered by your ISP, so they won’t give you an admin login for it? Any store-bought router will have an admin login you can use to log into it from a web browser, to view or change it’s configuration. The WAN address is inconsequential and is set by your ISP, but the proxy addresses it uses for your local network on most brands usually defaults to 192.168.1.x, unless it was changed. So the router login IP would normally be ( Again it may vary with the brand and may have been changed by someone, but the default login credentials until you change them will often be (admin / admin). This will normally be different than the login and password you would use to log into the wifi connection with.

I don’t know of a way to determine the network speed you’re connected at from the information given on your iPhone. If you had a computer on your network running Linux, you can see the transmission speed for each port in the results from an ifconfig command. There probably are other tools for windows that you could use, netstat or ipconfig /all maybe? I’ve been away from Windows for a long time, so not sure offhand.

I would think that if nothing else it will work through the extender, but would have to be tried. Maybe in the meantime you can see if you have another device that’s known to only support 2.4 GHz networking, and check whether it can log into your router or not?

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I mean that even if I had a computer I’d be lost, I have difficulty in anything technical or knowing what to look for, I don’t know what these mean (admin/ISP/WAN) I only know the difference between 2.4 & 5g because of reading what others have said on here.
But the extender was something I needed but it wasn’t bought for Emo. It just so happens that the app that I was told to use to set it up showed both were connected to my main router. So I’m hoping that Emo will automatically connect to the right one.

Well you do have the 2.4 GHz capability then, it all depends if and how it was configured? Chances are you’ll be just fine though. I’m assuming you must have had someone from the store or a friend install and configure the router for you? If all you had to connect to it is a phone, most likely they would’ve only configured the 2.4 GHz portion anyway.

FYI, Just ignore if you want but someone else may be interested…
Admin = The Administrator, who has access rights to every device and is responsible for configuring and maintaining the network.
ISP = Your Internet Service Provider, such as Comcast or one of the many others out there.
WAN = Wide Area Network, in this case means all the rest of the Internet outside your home and on the other side of the router from you. The WAN address is your “real” Internet address and is all that the rest of the internet can see normally.
LAN = Local Area Network, all the networked devices within your house connected to the router either by wifi or by wired connections. Each device is given a ‘proxy’ address which is only used within your home, so the router knows which device sent data to it, and to which device incoming data should go back to.
The router takes data from multiple devices connected to your LAN, and funnels it out through just one WAN address which is how the rest of the internet sees all of your devices. The router also takes all the data coming in on that one WAN address, and distributes it to the different devices connected to your LAN that originally requested it. It also provides some degree of security and firewall features to help protect you from hackers.

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I hope my network works, I don’t want to have problems trying to update him when the time comes, without updates it’ll be pointless me having him. This is why I’m worried,
As for the rest I really appreciate you helping.
I just wish I could understand how things work without being told, I feel stupid sometimes but anyway thanks it helps a little more now.
As for who set it up it was Virgin Media (Fibre-optic) and it’s the latest router, don’t know what it’s called.

Maybe someone else that has the same router can help you then, to check how it’s configured. Otherwise (only if there is a problem) then you may need to have whoever set it up come out again to assist. Like I said though, chances are good that it’ll work just fine. I’d wait and see what happens first, when you go to set up your EMO.

Just so you’re aware though, there is more to it than receiving firmware updates. If EMO isn’t connected to the Internet, then your voice commands are just going to be ignored. Also you won’t be able to sync photos, and it will probably affect recognition too for the same reason.


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Emo PET is Version 1.0.6
iOS Version is 15.1 (19B74) on iPhone 12
EMO is updated to latest firmware

I wasn‘t mentioning whether 2.4 or 5 GHz. My case is i am on mobile data and connecting to EMO (via bluetooth) and wanting to sync pictures to my phone. So EMO is on the WLAN but my phone isn‘t…

Was that understandable?

@iEzri ,
I think maybe I misunderstood at first what you were asking? The short answer is that your phone MUST be connected in some way to the same network as EMO, to get the full function of the app.

Most of the EMO app functions communicate using Bluetooth. When you try to sync photos though, it tells you right on the screen that it requires Wi-Fi. However it will let you try anyway, and then it will fail. It’s actually trying to open a TCP/IP session (which requires the Wi-Fi connection) to transfer the photos from EMO to your iPhone. That’s why you’re getting a message that it “Failed to connect to the TCP server”. With no Wi-Fi connection the EMO app will still let you save photos that already appear in it’s Photo screen (there from a previous sync’ing) to your iPhone’s Photos app. That works only because those photos were actually saved in the EMO app’s storage space on your iPhone already, and it’s just copying them to the Photo app’s storage space. So the save function is just copying files entirely within the iPhone, and doesn’t use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Now, if I understand what you’re saying:
Your EMO is already connected to a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network and is working ok such as he’s responding to voice commands, checking the weather, and so on. Correct?

Also your iPhone is currently only using cellular data, and is not connected to the Wi-Fi network. Correct?

I’m confused though, why would you choose to use cellular data when you’re at home? You can connect your iPhone to the Wi-Fi, and your phone can still use cellular data when you’re away from home or out of range. All you should have to do is turn on Wifi in Settings on your iPhone, then log into the same router EMO is connected to, using the same SSID name and password that were used to connect EMO to it. Then your photo sync’ing should work ok.


Hey there.

My issue was just that the App crashes, and since i don‘t have a cable internet Connection but a mobile plan with unlimited data (meaning my router has a duplicate of my sim Card plugged into it) i don‘t often use wifi on my phone when i am at home (Like for example for Alexa or Spotify i don’t need wifi).

Sure if i needed that i could enable wifi, the issue i encountered was more just that i pressed sync and the app crashed without any info and i at first didn‘t know why.

Anyhow since EMO is online anyways it shouldn‘t be much a problem syncing to a mobile device aswell but i take it it‘s technically more complex than just transferring via LAN in that sense… :woman_shrugging:t3: