Phone on Emo's skate board

I saw on the promotion video that Emo is supposed to get annoyed when you put your phone on his charger. Does this not happen anymore, or it just never did and this was just another bit of false advertising again?

Just the marketing department misrepresenting his abilities.

Way to put the rose coloured glasses on lol :rofl:

JJ hey how’s it going… I’m counting on you to help straighten out this EMO Pet. How many people use military time? Answer zero, how many people are awake at midnight but EMO will go into a deep coma on his skateboard how annoying you have to take him off the skateboard just to tell him to change his light color… It’s a flaw. He also has enough goofy cartoons with his daily schedule now they want to add more is not interactive… How about making the countdown timer actually functional? That’s something you could use all the time. Oh yeah only if he understands what you say. My point is there trying to introduce more Fluffy stuff without addressing any of the annoying problems. You gotta help us hee hee… My EMO is not used much… At least you have your daughter to build some enthusiasm. Speech recognition is flat out terrible and you know it. Timers that don’t even work my goodness they got to fix some flaws first