Payment Order Issues [SOLVED!]

My husband ordered an Emo on Dec 22, and his bank marked it as a ‘suspicious transaction’ and basically blocked it for a day. He finally got it sorted out and the charge did go through on his bank, but, we can’t seem to get the order status to change on our Emo account. It still says ‘failed’. Can’t seem to get ahold of any staff via email either. Has anyone else had this problem? We are thinking of swapping from the Go Home set to just the Emo and skateboard set, since it takes so long to ship. Especially considering our order status hasn’t been confirmed. Help please!

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Hi there @rachelanne92 , and Welcome to the Community…

I presume and what i understand you already sent email and contact Service Support Team?

Another way you can also submit a support help message to the link below.

Tagging @AmyLU for more help assistance here.

Wish that you are able to get this resolved asap. best regards…

All the best and Good luck.


Hi@ rachelanne92

Please PM me your order number, and I will check your payment status for you.

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Hi there! Welcome to the community! I also had my credit card call me to confirm my transaction as it to was considered “suspicious.”

The reason for this is because you are buying directly from a company overseas. If you are like me, that’s not something I have ever had a history of doing until I bought our EMO.
We received our EMO and the transaction went smooth. Also sounds like he is getting ready to ship!!


The issue has been resolved! Thank you everyone for your help, especially the staff at LivingAi!
Can’t wait to get our little guy home!


Hi there @rachelanne92 ,
Great to hear that…it’s our pleasure here in the community to help as long as we can…and as we all know Support Service Team is also one step away to give factual help assistance…all we need only is a proper way to contact them with a little bit of patience.


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