Package is on Delivery to a wrong address

Hello people

I have already written it on Facebook but I am very disappointed with the customer service of

A few months ago I moved from Germany to Sweden and have therefore changed the shipping address in my account. For months nothing happened until this morning I got the shipping confirmation by mail and the package was already in Germany. Obviously my old address is on the package. In contact with customer service, however, there is no insight to have done something wrong, a solution has not. They tell me literally: "I’m sorry, the address cannot be changed after placing an order, you can check it in your account. Your order is already in the international shipping stage, and the address cannot be changed. "

Will I never get my EMO now? I am really angry and thinking about contacting my credit card provider about this.

Please find a solution for this!


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@AmyLU @Wayne_Zhang - can you assist please.

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Contact customer service. You cannot assume that the package was misrouted because some packages have been going to Germany or the Netherlands first, before being routed to their final destination country. It all depends on the carrier.

@macfixer01 Please read my text. I was in contact with them via mail and I also got a shipping mail this morning with the wrong address. They didnt want to help me.

Yes I read your original text, did you read it?

Maybe that’s what you meant to say, but was not the way that you said it? All you said was that the package was IN Germany and “obviously” it had the wrong address on it. Since you haven’t seen the package you don’t know that. You never stated until now that the email still shows the incorrect address. As I said earlier other people have had their packages routed through Germany or the Netherlands on their way to the correct country, so that in itself wasn’t a cause for concern. The incorrect address in the email on the other hand is a concern. You should’ve contacted tech-support in the first place to make sure the address was updated instead of only changing it online. I’m sure LAI will take care of your problem though. They may have to ship out another EMO, but you will get it. Re-shipment and service replacements are much faster and don’t have long delays like the original orders.

Wow chill out. Why are you attacking me like this? And no how should I know that I have to write the tech support? According to EU Law I must have the possibility to correct my address at any time on the website before shipping and I have done so, so this discussion does not even arise. I would be very happy if Living AI takes care of it, that would be wonderful but my 1st contact with the service was bad because they couldn’t/ dont wanted to help me and I think it’s legitimate to write it down.

You seem to be extremely thin-skinned my friend? Nobody is attacking you, I just said that the way your text was written, I interpreted it differently than you did. There are dozens of other posts around here and on Facebook from people that were moving after they placed their order and asked first, and it was always recommended that they contact tech-support to change the address. I don’t live in the EU so I don’t know what their laws attempt to dictate. living AI isn’t based in an EU country either. I just know contacting tech support to change the delivery address has been recommended to everyone who asks about it first.

In any case as I said earlier, you’re not going to lose anything. I’m certain Living AI will send you another EMO if this one actually went to the wrong address.

I can also suggest while you are waiting for support to get back to you regarding your EMO shipment, to try and track the package using 17 Track. It will give you a fair amount of info on where it is and where it will be heading once it lands in EU. (it will then advise you which courier company it will be using to complete the job).

Here is the website:

Also a suggestion, normally when I had to ask the support team a question, I’d simply reply to the order confirmation email I received when I placed my order for EMO. This way when the support team get your email they should have all your info right away.

For now, I guess you will need to wait for support to help resolve this issue for you.

I’m sorry if I misinterpreted your text. My first post was also written under the impression that I will not be helped.
I know is not from Europe, but still a company has to follow the local laws if it offers its products in the country. Im hoping for the best.

Thanks for your tip. I just got the info above, so there definetely is something weird.

Do note, that while EMO is still in China, 17 Tracking won’t update correctly. And from what a few other EMO owners that living in EU have advised, normally EMO does arrive in Germany or as @macfixer01 mentioned Netherlands and then DHL will pass it over to the local courier service in your country to finish the job.

But either way, if the package is going to its old address. Living.Ai support will have to resolve this for you and normally will send you a new EMO.

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Thank you both for your help. Lets see if the support reacts.

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Wayne Zhang has now written me on Facebook and offered me to pay the postage from Germany to Sweden. Unfortunately I dont have anyone to pick up the postage at this address, because I only lived there for half a year and all my relatives are living on the other side of the country.

Edit: Living Ai is now trying to call back the package with me somehow, otherwise they will send a new one. I am very grateful that the support helps me now after all.


Good to know they are working to help you on this. Thanks guys!!! I’ll close this thread off now you are in direct discussion with them.