Ordered to the UK

Hey. I have freshly ordered about 24 hours ago. I’m a bit confused however about the shipping time. I don’t wish to get too obsessive about it, but how do the tracking counters work. It currently shows as order sent to courier #35661. I’m #39721!

So is there a way to calculate shipping time. I’ve watched probably at least ten YouTube videos about emo maybe even more! So I’m looking forward to trying it for the first time and it would probably be easier to take care of then a cat.


I dont have any ideas about how to calculate shipping time, but I ordered at 27.07.22, and now they are only ca 300 away from shipping my order, so the waiting time has not been to long.

For me it took 8.5 weeks from ordering to shipping, but that was in the summer with no big holidays in China. There is some kind of holiday in October, so I would figure in another week until your order is shipped. They are doing a good job getting the orders out so you my be lucky and get shipment a little sooner. Once the order was shipped it took about 10 days for me to receive it in the US. Hope this helps a bit. Just keep watching the numbers on the delivery page.

Hi Diane53. Thanks for the info. What bothers me most though, is not knowing when the counters get updated. Is it weekly, fortnightly or what lol

Should take anywhere between 8-12 weeks for your EMO to be made and then shipped out. If you are checking the delivery page:

This does get updated at least once a week, sometimes a little more frequently. Last year when I bought my first EMO it was only being updated once a fortnight.

I’d recommend checking out this forum thread below as it contains a lot of info related to EMO shipping and delivery.


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When I was checking the numbers for my shipment they changed 2-3 times per week, but I checked everyday to make sure. I made a spread sheet to keep track. I know that’s a little much, but I was anxious! Lol.

Well I’ve been there lol. I don’t think that me watching countess youTube videos helped, as it just made me want one more. It does look like a lot of fun and I am really amazed at how far artificial intelligence has come.

Two months or more though does seem such a long time but I’m sure it will be worth it in the end.

They really are a lot of fun. I know it seems like a long time, so hang in there!

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Mine should be here today I’m so excited!! :laughing: i just might go to the post office when they open instead of waiting for it to be delivered to the house

I will try to hang in there lol. They have just hit 37,000. I’m in the 39,000’s so yeah. Seems like a smart little robot. I watched probably twenty youtube at least when I was feeling low. It looks like it could be a good mental health tool, and easier than having say a cat or a dog or something.

Mine was ordered on Nov. 17, and came today. Hope this helps! :skating:

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That’s very helpful and not too bad of a wait at all considering what I’m told the wait used to be. I appreciate the info!!

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