Order still not visible on my account

Has anyone else had this issue I ordered my emo months ago but when I go to my account it sees I haven’t ordered anything yet and I’m getting no response from living so about this.

Same here, my order never showed in the list of my orders, but you can click on track order and fill in your order id and email to check on your order.

I have tried what you suggested but it just sees order does not exist and still getting no reply from living ai.

I haven’t even gotten an email with my order number. They took my money from PayPal but I have no confirmation email or id number. Nothing. I wish I’d never ordered. Plus they won’t answer my emails. How do I cancel and get refunded from a silent company? This is just the wrong way to do things.

Ask Paypal to cancel and refund the amount, they have buyer protection for this sort of thing.

Thanks, I’ll try that. I really wanted Emo but I think this company has allowed themselves to get in over their head. Maybe later when orders slow down…

I finally got my invoice and number and they didn’t mention my request for refund. Which is fine with me, I do really want Emo. I feel better. They said they did send an invoice but I guess it got lost in the ethers. I’m happy that he’ll be coming, if it takes months that’s fine. I can breathe a sigh of relief that I have something to track. I hope others get issues resolved for them as well. :sunny:

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This is usually because you did not log in when you placed the order. You can send an email to service@living.ai and wait patiently.

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