Order States Completed

Hey guys i was curious if anyone has experienced this. my order went completed over 1 month ago it was assigned a tracking number and since then the tracking number states package has not been received by the shipper. So is my package in limbo for a month now? or was it just assigned a tracking number and it takes awhile to actually ship the product?

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Your package isn’t lost, it wasn’t received by the shipping company yet. Living AI wasn’t able to send it because of the three weeks of celebrating.


wow thanks for that information!!

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Also just check and see if it’s still at the Shenzhen (airport/warehouse). You can check this by logging into your account then clicking on the track order tab.

And see if it shows anything up in there. (see below) this is what my order status looked like when I was waiting for my EMO.

I have friends in China that have been told to wait until the 16th to send anything to distribution warehouses due to the massive delays / backlog of existing packages due to Chinese New Year. I know that at the moment there are slight delays with specific couriers like DHL coming out of Hong Kong, due to another outbreak of COVID over there as well, so things will be a little slow.