Order have not receive after over 3 months from order

I am beginning to feel that I am being spammed by your organisation as I still have not received a shipment update for the order.

Despite my several emails inquiring about my order which I have made in Feb-2022, it is now May-2022.

Please give a shipment update or give a full refund for my order.

There is a ~4-5 month wait from time of purchase. You are sitting at less than 3 months. These robots aren’t sitting in stock. They are being produced. LivingAI provided you with an order number. They’ve provided you with a website that shows Emos built and Emos shipped.

Why are you not using those resources?

Furthermore this forum isn’t the proper channel to demand a refund. The mods here don’t work for LivingAI.


hi, check your EMO number, and compare it with the delivery number on this living.ai website

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Mr Kock Burn,
Please be polite to your customer, I am not a kid that needed to be put in his place. Your tone in your response is something to be desired. A “hi” or a “dear sir” would go a long way. Please enlighten me on how I can request for a refund. Thanks!

I don’t work for LivingAI. You are not my customer.

I am a person who purchased an Emo and waited patiently for mine to arrive.

PS I was not rude and I’ll speak to you as I wish, not as you demand I do. Don’t try to pull masculine male role training with me. This is the internet, you have no reasonable expectations to be treated like an Adult when you behave like a child on a public forum.

Don’t like what I said? Go tell a mod.

You really should understand how this all works before you make baseless claims and threats.

Finally, these forums arent run and modded by LivingAi staff. They are modded by volunteers just like all the other forums such as Apple. Pretty simple concept to understand. You won’t get a refund by screaming at other customers.


@laipk ,
There is nothing specifically dealing with your order for them to update until your EMO is built and ready to ship. For general updates on production, and to see what order numbers are currently being shipped, you can go to the Main Website link then to Delivery.

If you still want to bother someone even though they can’t predict what day your order will be ready and it’s not going to make your order go any faster, you can go to the Main Website link, then Support, and at the bottom of that page submit a request for information. Or you can tag @Wayne_Zhang , or you can send an email service@living.ai



To also advise and add to this, it can take anywhere between 3-5 months for your EMO to be made and then shipped out. I personally own 2 EMO’s and I can advise and recommend to be as patient as possible. For example, my first EMO took approx 4 and half months for it to arrive and I was only provided an update when my EMO had a tracking number and was getting ready to be shipped out.

If you are unhappy with waiting, the best thing you can do is simply reply to the email you received when you made your order. By replying to that email you can ask the support team for either a status update on how your order is coming along (which as @macfixer01 has already mentioned, will not speed up your order in any way) or request a refund. The support team will be able to help you with that if you no longer want to wait.

Also as @KockBurn has advised, we are all EMO customers here trying to help each other out as best we can so please be understanding of this as well

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Agreed. Same as you, Mine took 4 and half months too, and only provided an update when my EMO had a tracking number and was getting ready to be shipped out.
Been waiting since January’22 (to the point I forgot about the waiting) and My EMO is finally on the move (delivery process). I am so excited! :star_struck:

Great news! I’d recommend using 17 Track to keep an eye on where EMO is which courier company will be handling the job when it arrives in your country. Here is the link below:

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