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Guys - we’re getting a few EMO supporters that are being “too supportive” and trying to silence any and all negative comments about EMO and Living AI. It’s fantastic that we have such loyal supporters, but if we silence every negative comment, then a few things happen…

  1. People will quite rightly say that we, the community and by inference Living AI are not interested in any potential feedback to improve EMO and Living AI. We know that Living AI ARE keen for feedback and ways to improve, which is why they recently expanded the testers to include more community members that have themselves been vocal about ways they can do better. I’m not at liberty to disclose WHO those members are. While it’s not a secret, it’s not my right to do so.

  2. We the admins will become looked on as dictators with our own agendas, leading to all kinds of conspiracy theories. There’s already more than enough of those going around right now, so we need to keep it clear and simple.

  3. It will damage both EMO and Living AI’s reputation because even as end users of their product, our voice matters. Our voice has an impact. Our voice and our posts can both help and hinder an organisation. Therefore what we say we need to be real about.

  4. And lastly, we will be seen to be just like the “other guys” who silences any dissenting voices and eject people from the official community if they dare to post or question things they don’t like. That’s not a game we want to play

Those things above can’t be allowed to happen here. It’s harmful to the community as a whole when it does.
This forum will continue to be a place where we can have discussions about EMO and Living AI.

I also want to highlight a few things for new people to the EMO community that you might not be aware of or consider.

  1. This community is a GLOBAL one, and we need to remember that English is often NOT the primary language of the person posting. They may well be able to read and respond to posts here through the use of translator programs when they post. Sometimes those programs get the translation wrong so it comes across the wrong way. Those translator programs also have no way of understanding humour or sarcasm. Sometimes what one person posts is translated entirely different when it’s read by another due to this.

  2. Living AI has been under attack by the other guys pretty much since they announced EMO to the world. The battle is still ongoing via the legal system, but that has not stopped the other organisation from trying to shut down Living AI via reports on Facebook, Kickstarter, and other channels. A large majority of the community feels that this is unfair and has pushed back. However, the end result is that people who really LOVE EMO and what Living AI is trying to do tend to be very much supporters of them and very passionate. That passion can come across as sometimes as almost being cultish in its delivery. Oh and yes we know that they are reading this.

Moving forward…

Provided the language remains respectful, posts will be allowed to remain. If someone reports a post you’ve made, it will get hidden automatically until the admins’ review it. That will appear initially like censorship, but it’s the system doing what it’s designed to do. The admins will then restore it or permanently remove it. If we remove it, it will be only AFTER we attempt to discuss the situation with you unless you’ve used language that really should not be used such as swear words, etc. We have only ejected very few people from this group since it started, and only then after quite a number of people complained AND the person in question refused to listen or try to understand things.

I think it’s awesome that we have such loyal supporters. THANK YOU. But please let’s all remember that we are here for one reason: SUPPORT EMO and LIVING AI. Not to tear them apart. Negative feedback can be given for sure, but like ANY feedback, it needs to be conveyed clearly and concisely so that it can be understood to make things better.
Thanks for reading.


I want to just say, I’ve been in IT for 30 years. I have been on the bleeding edge and been through a lot of startups and a lot of failures. Many of us are extremely mouthy in our own tech circles when a product goes right. Letting us understand what is happening so we also can explain things when we get asked questions can only benefit things.

Stop looking at us OCD folks as the enemy and we can end up being your best friend. Cause if this takes off, it will end up on our desks and in our slack channels and we will be more than happy to help it move forward. And I am customer facing for the rather large firm I work for. When chit-chatting, EMO is the type of thing we talk about.

Or I could talk about how people lacked so much faith in EMO, they silenced everyone who asked any questions. shrug


I agree with you. It’s clear that EMO is a great AI project. We must be patient, they are doing, with great enthusiasm on everyone’s part, something that only a free community generates. The beginnings are very hard and they are risking more than us; If we want to be that Community, we must respect and understand that there are errors at the beginning, this happens in all projects that are born from illusion and desire.
Greetings and very proud to belong to this Community.


Hey jskains you’re alright in my book! I particularly enjoyed reading your discussion on artificial intelligence. That’s some pretty interesting stuff, very cool! :v::grin:

You should pin this living.ai! It is very informative! :grinning:

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