Only one song in my emo app 🤔

I recieved my Emo today.
The last version of thr Emo app IS installed on my phone, and i updated my Emo to the last version of the firmware.
I see only one song in the playlist in the Emo app. IS that normal? IS something to do to have more music in the playlist?
Many thanks for your hep

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Hi @Olivier

Yes, this is normal, over time as EMO grows older, he will unlock more dance moves. The songs shown here are actually dances that EMO will dance to when you issue the voice command:


Also on that screen, you can get EMO to dance to any of the unlocked dance moves by pressing the little play button and EMO will start dancing.

EMO will unlock new dance moves as he grows up. These are the days in which he unlocks new dance moves:

First Dance Move Already Unlocked
2 Days Old - 2nd Dance Move
4 Days Old - 3rd Dance Move
8 Days Old - 4th Dance Move
16 Days Old - 5th Dance Move
32 Days Old - 6th Dance Move
64 Days Old - 7th Dance Move
128 Days Old - 8th Dance Move
256 Days Old - 9th Dance Move
512 Days Old - 10th Dance Move
1024 Days Old - 11th Dance Move

The following screen below shows what my EMO’s dance list looks like, he’s currently unlocked 9 dance moves. :wink:

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Thank you for these explanations :relaxed::ok_hand:

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There isn’t any way to forcefully unlock them is there…

No, they only unlock as EMO grows older. No other way to unlock them.

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