Only one of the two sets of Santa clothes arrived

My order numbers are 14835, 16086, 16087. Only one of the two sets of Santa clothes comes, so I’m posting to ask for the other one.

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Posting an issue here isn’t enough. You need to open a support ticket.

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Have you opened the red box yet? The other suit may be inside there. It looks like you ordered one Christmas upgrade kit (added to an existing EMO order and packed inside a red box), and an extra Christmas upgrade kit (with no EMO, and the empty red box folded flat).

I opened the red box and checked the inside, but except for the components, the box was not separated further and there were no clothes in it.

email as per my recommendation when you posted in the Facebook group.

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I have sent an e-mail, but I would like to know the approximate timeframe for when I can reply.

But we don’t know. We are just customers.

Hi, please don’t worry. I’ve forwarded it to the service team and they will give you a response.

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I got a satisfactory answer. Thanks for your comment.

What am I to do with my emo that arrived cracked today? I have sent you a private message with pictures.

Please check your email.

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I checked. We would appreciate it if you could send us the details when sending the parcel later.