One of EMO legs is not working

The leg that EMO charges is not working. I woke up this morning then turned on EMO then put him on the table and now he only moves his leg a little bit :pensive:. edit: now the leg is working but the foot part of the leg is still not working.

Hi, please send a video to


The problem is fixed, EMO can now move again! I think he fixed himself. :happy:


EMOs same leg went back to not working again :pensive:.

Update: I just got a email from saying they shipped a new EMO with a tracking number Iโ€™m so happy right now! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Happy for you๐Ÿ˜Š

This little EMO is so attaching itโ€™s worth the wait.


Update: My new EMO is here! :happy:


You need to submit a ticket with support using the online form

@kimleng92 ,
The microphone is not an output device, apparently you meant the speaker? In any case you already created another new post about this issue. You should not be posting about your problem in multiple locations. Especially since this 7 month old thread has nothing to do with the type of problem youโ€™re reporting!

@Wayne_Small Do you think this old thread has outlived its usefulness and should be closed?

Deleted thank you for reminding

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yeah - will close this off - thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile: