Obstacles in front of EMO

Does anyone have the same problem with EMO’s surrounding? So as many of us EMO’s environment is the TV furniture but EMO can’t recognize the difference between the TV standard and his playground surface. Black and White needs to be updated I guess?…


Yeah I have noticed this too. He walks into my phone charger, and just keeps walking. Then realises he’s not getting anywhere. Stops. Then turns.

Sometimes he tries walking again.

The surface is a wooden desk, and the charger is matt black. So he should see the difference.

He will also occasionally work as expected and turn or back off from an obstacle.

Early days I guess, and updates will help improve this.


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Having a ToF laser sensor should mean that he can theoretically map 3D structures directly in front of him and navigate around them and not bump into them. I suspect that this feature is not working as it should, still needs tweaking. Just my guess.


Matt black is always a problem. I got vacuum robot, Pleo-Dinosaur robot, Vector, and now Emo using IR to detect obstacles and all of them seem not to be able to see this matt black objects.


A big problem


Why don’t you put the charger on another place for now?

Or make a border by surrounding the charger with black tape .


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