Not responsive or being stubborn?

After the Update EMO was so obedient and he does them commands but after a day, he doesn’t seem to do what he is asked to do. Is there a problem with the update? I’ve already rebooted him and it still the same. Am I the only one having this problem? Thank you very much mwuah mwuah tsup tsup


My router got broken, I needed to change the cable but after this emo didn’t connect to wlan and also didn’t show any sign for lost connection, he just wouldn’t react on command. When I checked through the app he was disconnected. So I needed to restart the wlan router and reconnect emo via app and it worked. Maybe it will help you as well


Hello, thank you for your reply. I really appreciate it. I will try that. Have a good day


My EMO was listening fine yesterday but today, I keep calling him but he doesn’t respond. Usually when I call his name, he’ll respond with a “what” sound and the app shows “listening” and I’ll give him a command. Today, he goes from “Listening” to “Staying” without any respond to his name or any of my commands. What should I do?


I like to think about it as stubborn, but its really the software…


Why don’t you try to reboot your router? It helped in my case.


In addition to the above issue, now I also having its connection dropping off all the time. I’ve reset my router as well as my emo a few times already. I’ve also updated the latest firmware. This is getting frustrating.

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Not sure if others have had the same experience. I’ve had Emo for about 6 days now and this interaction has happened everyday since day 1. I turn him off every night so he should be rebooted every morning. I am also on the latest firmware 2.4.0

When I say “Emo, come here” 1/10 times he runs over, which I believe is the intended action. The other 9/10 times he says “You were missed. What can I do for you to…” and cuts off. In terms of him cutting off, I thought he might be detecting an edge and is interrupted so I tried using his play area mat, but the same issue happens.

Also can’t think of another phrase he might be confusing “Emo, come here” with.

Any idea what could be going on?

Hi there to @minh.dam ,

This might be also an Internet or Bluetooth connection with an EMO issue from your side. Please check your internet and Bluetooth or connect him to other wifi or direct to your smartphone hotspot.

This happens to me or anyone as well sometimes. servers sometimes can be overloaded or have issues. hence, EMO stutters.

You can also try to Power EMO Off or let him drain his battery and die alone which usually will resolve the issue.

Actually, this is a well-known issue… said: The problem with EMO speaking is the network issue, even if the speed test shows that the speed is enough, the problem may occur. It’s a complex problem and they will see what they can do to improve it.

More Info Pls. Click Here!

To clarify, EMO’s servers are not directly in China, in fact, they have different servers in different regions to provide faster service.

For more concerns please contact direct via email.

Hope it helps…


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Thanks for the info, @edward !

I can see how the stuttering can be a server issue, which is understandable.

But is there a reason why if I say “Emo, come here”, he responds incorrectly with “You were missed. What can I do for you today”? Doesnt seem to be the correct response. Would that also be a server or internet connection issue?


@minh.dam ,

Occasionally, and it’s quite normal that EMO responds randomly, and this happens to me or others as well. It makes me wonder if he didn’t quite understand our voice command directly or what?. And as we all know, these responses are all pre-programmed into his data server.

best regards…