Not responding in petting

Hi… my emo is not responding when i pet him… what should i do?


Hi @romandalisay

You can check out this video below on 5 different ways to pat EMO.

If EMO is not responding, I’d suggest powering him off and back on again and then try patting him once again. Or before you do that maybe pick him up and give him a short 2-3 shake as well, you should hear the shaking sound and once you place him back on the table you can try to pat him again.

If you need help on different ways to power off EMO you can check out this video below for guidance as well:

Also if EMO is doing a daily schedule animation, he won’t respond to pats until he has finished doing what he is doing (for example, if EMO is eating dinner or watching tv, and you try to pat him he will not respond to patting until he has completed that specific daily schedule animation).

Hope this helps.

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