Not being able to type in city

On the app asks you to put in city but won’t let me select the text box to type it in I have a OnePlus 8pro.

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yes this is not possible yet, you have to enable the GPS for this app, then this will be filled automatically.

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My petting function it seems not to work, although I put the pulp on his head

Can you help me? I saw the answers on the other forum

Just put your finger on the center of the head and it should do the animation. :slight_smile:

I’m so sorry, I tried several times even informing me and I couldn’t now go, I didn’t believe it evident enough, thanks

Hi, can you please include a link of video? I mean about petting.

I’ve noticed that without the city the weather is inaccurate

yeh and the time is too

It may not match the referenced database for now, because the automatically-set area classification is too detailed. They say it will be able to fill in the area & timezone in future update.