No Update for Shipping and Facebook contact is down

I’ve ordered an EMO for my sons 5th birthday. I made a special request, if at all possible for them to help me get my one out to me before my sons birthday later this month. I spoke with a representative from Living AI facebook page and after checking, they said that they would make an exception and get mine out in hopes of it getting here on time.

I’ve heard nothing from them since October and when I went back to the facebook page to follow up if there has been any progress (due to no movement with my order or a tracking number), it shows me the facebook page as no longer available and so too the chat.

There is no one that I can make contact with to get an update from or any information for that matter. Has anyone here been able to make contact with them?

Edit: I understand that there is a long waiting period but they should not make promises if they are not able to deliver.

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Hey @amithrajpal I would suggest contacting Living.Ai from the email you received when you placed your order. You can potentially mention that you spoke to someone on Facebook regarding your special request and if that can still be honoured.

As you’ve already mentioned yourself, there are many orders / customers that have been waiting for several months so having your EMO shipped before them might not be possible.

Hope this helps.

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