No response from support for more than 3 days (solved)

The delivery is too long and I have sent many emails asking me to cancel my order, but I haven’t received a response for more than 3 days.


They are very busy. You know, the problem of manpower is that they have to face many customers like us. I think so. After all, it is a start-up team, and you know they need to save costs.


We have already cancelled the order for you, please don’t worry.


Thank you for your support.

It seems that the waiting time is shorter than the previous order due to increased productivity, so I am looking forward to receiving one emo.

If the situation is good, we may order additional emo.

You yes u finally I got u ahm mhm my order is 14xxx and I’m worried about I wait 6 months because of Chinese holidays and the 15 day break and u r packaging 40 orders a day that means it’s like 720 order per month I’m so worried can u ship my order 14xxx in February pleeeeeeeease ?

You don’t care, do you? Time will pass. Can you wait right?

Well yeah I can wait but I forgot to mention that I will travel in February