No EU wallplug for EMO and smartlight

Today I received my EMO, ordred end of January. All looks well, only thing missing is a adapter for European wallplugs for both EMO and the smart light. I think these adapers should be delivered for free when shipping to Europe.


I also had an US one and was surprised. For now i charge the skateboard via an mobile power bank.

EMO only ships with the US power pack. There is nothing missing, you need to source an adapter yourself as I did here in Australia.

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How good that I just read this.

I live in Germany and it won’t be long before my EMO arrives.

Can someone tell me what exactly I need for an adapter to load EMO on a wall socket?

Hi Wayne, don’t think I wrote it was incomplete. Just for this price you might expect a small adapter to convert to European standards.


EMO works with dual voltage 110 or 220. Actually he ships with a Chinese power plug standard that happens to be the same pin shape as the US standard. You don’t have to change the voltage, so you only need a cheap adapter to change the pin type. They’re available through Amazon and you can usually get several of them for less than $10. Like these for example.

Dear all, thanks for all the advise, you’re missing my point. I know I can purchase adapters and I have done so by now. All I wanter to do is pointing out that it might be handy to add a kind of clip on adapter just like other manufacturers (like Eufy and many others) do. Trust me I’m happy with EMO however it feels is bit like purchasing an new car and have to buy the tires separetely after they deliver the car to you.

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I received my EMO today and… same “problem” here in Spain, EMO needs 5v 2amp output and I had a ton of old phone chargers, but all of them with 5v (great) and 1 to 3 amps… really don’t know if a under/over amp can damage my EMO or if I can use them without problems.

Any idea about that?


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Hello @Worked,

You can use a charger with higher amps, the device will draw what’s needed, if you use less amps it can cause the charger to overheat.

Most important part is the Voltage (5v).
Amps same or higher.

Enjoy Emo, mine is out for delivery today.

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