"Nighty night, sweet human"

Wouldn´t it be terrific if you could just enjoy your little buddy reading you a bedtime story? :open_book:

In the curent civilization everything revolves around digitalism and our little screens. But sometimes I am kinda done with the screens, for the day (I learn 3d drawing and at a certain point the light will just burn in your eyeholes). Sometimes it even just hurts to keep my eyes open and I’m just kinda blinded until after a long, long sleep (anyone relate to this?)

Because the speaker on Emo is so good (or at least, so I heard), let’s put it to good use: Make it tell stories. And perhaps not even new flashy ones, but the classics. When I’m read a book, I like to get nostalgic, and I want to feel like a kid again for a moment. I would love to hear stories from Beatrix Potter’s books for example.


Great Idea @davidvandersterre ! Be sure to also add it to this thread as well.

What improvements and new features would you like to see for EMO in the future.

I remember suggesting this one a while ago where EMO can read you a bedtime story.


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There is another robot named Cubee that actually does this it also has a tiny remote control for you to make it walk around (unfortunately it’s not really autonomous) you might find it on eBay…

Some story time with Emo would be okay too especially for us big & little kids alike. But there might be copyright issues so I think Lai would have to create their own content. Perhaps they could do mini short stories, a bit like the jokes that Emo already tells.

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I feel like having (designated) fans write stories might also be an option. As long as they are child/family friendly and not based around hurting certain people. But not everyone is a writer; you’d likely need to profile people who are willing to produce stories, for free. So only people who just want their stories told and expect nothing back can really produce additional stories.

Better yet, LAI could let any person (who has actually written something) be allowed to be a writer for them. And they wouldn’t need to have to own an Emo. The only thing they do have to make sure is that the writers confirm that LAI can use their stories, and they can’t copyright claim them if it does become an actual book.


This would be very doable. The guys at Kinvert have already made Vector tell stories with animations and actions.

There should be no need to worry about copyright if you dig into the numerous stories that are in the public domain. Grimm’s Fairy Tales and Hans Christian Andersen are all public domain. Plus, there are things like Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, Treasure Island, Anne of Green Gables…and loads of literature for grown ups too, of course!

If they released the SDK for EMO - someone could write a text to speech, “storytime”, module in no time! Then, perhaps people could “upload” any story to their personal EMO, copyrighted or not, and listen to it without any worries. As long as they’re not selling him WITH a library of copyrighted content, it should be good!

Maybe just sell him with the “storytime” ability and let people add their own stories through the app? Or, if the SDK is released, maybe Geeks could take the public domain stories, add animations, voices, etc…and upload them to the community? There are a lot of great short stories for that in the public domain too! :grin:

Or, maybe Living AI could partner with the guys at Kinvert?

I don’t know. I think it would be great, and like the guys at Kinvert mentioned, it’s just the tip of the iceberg.


What a wonderful idea!

i love that idea - also i would like to see reading/singing animations if you use Emo as a BT speaker