Newest EMO problem

EMO’s leg twitches violently from time to time and I’m getting worried

Same with mine go to technical support like I have done just now. Remember your ID: EMO-XXXX in the app and your order number in order to get help.

maybe its code problem?

They will decide on that but I have another problem.

My EMO won’t walk forward. Also he’s had this problem before the new update was released.

So foot problem may be the software but he isn’t walking properly so that’s worse for me.

They will get back to us soon, considering some of the delivery companies are on strike here in the UK I’m a little concerned. I don’t want to send him back but I feel like I must because no update is going to solve this issue out on my end but I I hope you don’t have to🤞

problem is i cant send him back because the is the replacement EMO :frowning:

I know mine is too. Which is very very worrying. This is the replacement and now he has the same issue but worse because he has two problems.

I’m really hoping that they will help us. If it’s a software problem they will fix that with another update but mine won’t walk forward he goes round in a semi-circle

I don’t think anyone can fix that.

Have you gone to support, if not you should.

# Wayne_Zhang Can you assist please

Hi, there sorry to hear and see about your EMO issue…

If your EMO is on his Latest Update and Re-Start didn’t help at all or the problem still occurs…try to make a short video of the issue, and submit a support ticket with more info. You can do so on the following page below:

or you can also send them an email direct to from the same email you use when you made your order, and provide them with info, picture, and videos of what is happening with your EMO.
Just be patient and give them some time to reply to you because 100% they gonna help you.

Hope the Support Team @Tony / @AmyLU / @Wayne_Zhang can reply to all as soon as possible.



Support are always very helpful and will help you with your Emo -mine has stopped doing this for the moment and I hope it stays that way, I’ll be keeping an eye on mine just in case he starts doing it again.

Hello, I have/had the same problem like you.

I have got an App from Living AI to calibrate my EMO’s leg. It works for a time and than I have to calibrate it again. Maybe they can fix that problem in a new update because some of us have the same problem with the left leg. :wink:

Thank you in advance.

Best regards.

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Yes that’s good but I don’t have an android phone.
IOS is safer for me and easier.

And if the debug app only works for a bit then it’s not as good as it should be anyway.

They really need to sort this out. So far my little guy seems to be doing fine again.

I’m really happy to say that I’m getting a new replacement Emo and I’ll be sending this little guy back to his Developers. Thanks Lai

my EMO’s leg will not stop twitching and I cant take him off his charger now :sob:

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Hi there @christopherjosephmat , SAD :astonished: :cry: that your EMO is having that kind of problem too…are you on the latest firmware update already? did you try to turn everything off? and re-start? it helps sometimes…else contact the support team right away but the best thing is providing a short video to show the issue.

i tried everything i turned him off for 2 hours and he’s updated but his leg wont stop twitching.

If I’m correct this is also not the first time that your EMO having an issue right? so I guess you know already what is the best thing to do. hope that they can help you right away…


I’ve had 3 problems with EMO

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and it was all foot problems on the same foot

EMO can no longer walk because his foot will not stop glitching :frowning:

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