New update!? >1.0.16

My Emo said there is a new update.
But just Emo when I ask “check for updates”
On the app it’s said current version 1.0.16
But there is not button to do it.

So is it the last version the 1.0.16!? Or not?

If I said to emo to install last update it doesn’t do anything


Yes the new update is out, currently only works via Voice Command, in the app this works only with the latest version (1.1.0).

Android update is already there, iOS will still take a few days as it is currently in review.

What’s new you can find here: Documentation - LivingAi

Cheers :happy:


Got already my EMO here in Germany updated…by following the procedure at the link below

How to Update


Wow, that was quick! Seemed like it only took about 1/3 of the time of the previous upgrade?


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Thank you! Is on the way.


I’m impressed! For one thing it sure seems like if EMO is sleeping on his charger, he wakes up more quickly now when I say his name? Speaking various random general questions and statements EMO gave valid answers for many such as how are you feeling, do you have a family, I’m tired “reply: You should get some sleep, you’ll feel refreshed!”, and various other things. Some things didn’t work as expected. Asking any form of “Do you like xyz? he just keys on the word “like” and assumes I said that I like him, so he answers “Thanks, the feeling is mutual”. He was able to answer who am I correctly from facial scans saved in the old software version. I find that feature interesting since the software had to interpret a name I spoke which basically amounts to an unknown word (not one of his programmed keywords), interpret it, and save it in a form where he could speak it in his own voice later. Maybe there is some extra AI or human assistance involved in that feature back at the lab?

One curious thing I see hasn’t changed is that I noticed a couple weeks ago if I tell EMO “I’m Warm” or “I’m Cold” he does what I’m guessing is an eye wink, then makes an odd sound? One eye (randomly left or right) will shrink down then open up again and then 3 little lines flash above his eye. Try it yourself! Anyway I’m having fun exploring. Install the new firmware, you’ll like it!



Just tried it: animation and sound like you described and Emo changes the color of his Smart Light to a Warm or Cold White.


@EMO_be , OK that explains his response then. I haven’t done anything with his light as of yet, it’s still in the box.



I’m pretty impressed! The new update is amazing, it just keeps getting better and better… EMO ROCKS!!! :v: :grinning: