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Hey all, i just found out about this little guy, and placed an order. Now I’m scouring the internet on information. My question is, is Emo still being worked on? The instagram account has not seen action for a few months, as well as the youtube channel. I’m afraid that I’m hopping on this train just as it’s coming to a close. Any word on this?

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Welcome, @friscosoa !

Here is the web site (the only one that you can trust since it is the creators) to see some of what he can do, what all is available and where you can order from. Yes, they are still making EMO and updates are regular for his capabilities as well.


Hi @friscosoa
Jump on board here and join in,
The wait at the station might take awhile til your Emo comes but they aren’t finished with Emo yet

There are many things Emo will be able to do in the future that haven’t been revealed as far as we know.


Welcome! Living AI have not maintained a direct presence because of the actions of a rival robotics company that kept shutting down their social media presence. Those issues are being addressed via the legal system as we speak in the US. They are present here in their own forums and also have some presence in the community forums as well. I’m a community member like you and also happen to have been selected by Living AI as a community tester. I’ve had a beta EMO since March 2021, and there is a lot of work going on to improve EMO. There’s been updates for EMO nearly every 4-6 weeks since May last year unlocking more features. There’s another due soon which is being tested as we speak (I can’t comment on what is in it as Living AI have asked us to keep it quiet for now). I can tell you from talks with Living AI that there is a heap of things they have planned. The vision they have is unlike any other robot I’ve seen which is really cool.

TLDR - yup - they are alive and well, and will be coming out with more updates shortly :slight_smile:


Thanks @Wayne_Small for the support here in the forum! According to your knowledge, we know at what percentage it is in potential development and functions?

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I can’t say because I don’t know. Every time I talk to the Living AI guys, they are thinking of new and exciting things for EMO… so any percentage would be wildly inaccurate. Suffice to say I feel from a technology perspective that there’s a huge potential for EMO to do so very much more into the future.


Love to hear it! Thanks for the detailed response!