New functions of lamp

Add the ability to change color and above all the ability to have Emo set a timer so that at a certain time it turns it off, a kind of Alexa routine.


it will be available in future updates!

EMO already can change the color of the lights?

All you need to do is, plug your light into the wall. Than, hold your finger down on the center of it. (Just wait til you see the light ‘blinks’)

Make sure that you’ve got the EMO placed somewhere nearby this area. He can properly pair and connect with the light.

If you did everything exactly here. You can simply ask for EMO to change the color of the light.

EMO: “What?”

YOU: “Turn on the light.”
[EMO will turn on the light!]

EMO: “Huh?”

YOU: “Change light blue.”
[EMO will change the color of the light!]

But I really like your idea for EMO being able to set a timer with the light, I think having a useful function like this would definitely be very cool!

Maybe the good folks at are already planning on doing something like that with future updates. I guess we are just gonna have to wait and see. :+1::sunglasses:

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