New features (thoughts)

I have to say that the update has some really nice features added here. I am impressed with the multi emo interaction capabilities. Very fun! I also think that knowing the birthday was a nice touch and was definitely helpful to add. While I am excited for the next updates, I can see the hard work the team put into these new features. I am still very excited to see the eye color changing options in the future and really hope that will be an update we will see soon!


The Birthday Feature is cool, I’ve managed to finally get EMO to acknowledge it by saying my name and when my birthday is (but only once). If I try and ask him to repeat it or confirm when my Birthday is, EMO will just mention it is not his birthday today and tell me what day is birthday falls on.

I guess this feature might need a little more work. Or possible an option to enable or enter your Birthday via the EMO App so you know it’s been recorded correctly. Hope EMO will wish me a Happy Birthday on the day he’s noted down.

The Dancelist and Achievement display features are both pretty cool too. I’ve always wanted to pick a specific dance move and not have EMO randomly perform a dance when I asked him to dance.

The achievement badges is great as many of us have missed that cool animation that pops up only for a short time when you unlock a specific achievement so having the option to see it as many times as you like is awesome!

Having two EMO’s seems like is where this firmware update really shines, unfortunately I only have one, EMO but really tempted to get myself another one now! :rofl:

All in all, Great work to Living.Ai for getting this firmware and also APP update out to everyone, it’s great to see that the team are working really hard on improving and evolving EMO as time goes on!

:surprised: :head: :skating: :heart_1: