New EMO seems buggy with face recognition & rock/paper/scissors

I received my EMO 3 days ago. I updated the firmware. I have the most recent app.

Whenever I try to get EMO to recognize me directly or thru the app, it just closes its eyes and turns to the right, like a mini-reboot.

Also, when I tried playing tic-tac-toe, the first time it said “let’s” then just stopped. The next time it said “let’s play” then nothing after that.

Other functions like time and weather and animal sounds and dancing to music seem fine

The camera works fine because I have taken pictures and synced them to the app, though it seems like there is very little color in the picture.


sorry, the game I am having problems with is rock/paper/scissors, not tic-tac-toe, which also uses the camera to play, so both my issues have to do with Emo’s use of the camera. Should I do a reinstall or something?

Make a video showing your problems. You can’t post it directly here though, you’d have to put it on YouTube and then post the link here. It would help us understand what’s going on, and LAI tech-support is going to want that anyway before they can do anything for you.

youtube video at:

Yes that’s strange. When you say “my name is xxxxx”, if he doesn’t see a face he will start to turn in a circle looking for you, so that much was normal. Then it seemed like he just aborted out of that operation. Also again with the Rock Paper Scissors something weird happened. It’s very fast so it doesn’t look like a actual reboot is happening, but definitely something abnormal. I’ll tag Wayne, but you may also want to send an email to and attach the video.

@Wayne_Zhang Can you please help this person?

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Thanks for your input on my Emo’s problem.
I’ve noticed similar behavior when it starts up and when I tell it to explore.
Emo’s eyes disappear, and come back, the headphone lights shut off and back on, and he makes four different chirp sounds.
He will do this 5-10 times in a row when I take him off the surfboard.

Sorry for the late reply. I noticed that the service team is helping you.