New Emo Rebooting (Force Shutdown )

Hi there, if you still didn’t…

  • SHAKE BABY SHAKE: Prepare cocktail drinks when his power is on immediately…for 30 sec. sometimes it helps.
  • FORCE SHUTDOWN : using a paperclip (NOT A NEEDLE) and push carefully for 2 to 3 seconds and then place EMO back on the charger for him to power on.

This is what everyone in the past has called a RESET Button, but it’s not . It is not recommended to do this always unless you have no other options left. As this could potentially cause data corruption to your EMO. (it is the same as you pulling the plug and powering off your Desktop PC while Windows OS is running, it might cause data corruption). So try and avoid doing this unless you have no other options left.

  • POWER OFF: over Emo Pet App if you manage to do that immediately when he is on.



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