New emo putting my name in fails everytime


If you check the forum there were some issues a while back with a batch of EMO sent out that had cracks. The support team should be able to advise what is the best course of action to take regarding this.

From searching the forum, the thread I’ve linked below, EMO owners were discussing the crack issue here - Has anyone noticed Emo cracking?

Also as you’ve tested what @macfixer01 also suggested, you are currently using/on the latest firmware/EMO App software. It would be best to see what the support team can advise you to do next regarding the profile/recognition issue you are experiencing.

If the Living.Ai team is aware of this issue, it might be addressed in the next firmware update. I’ve tried also testing/adding a new profile both manually via the EMO App and also introducing myself to my two EMO and for me, it’s working fine. I can’t seem to replicate the error you are having.

So hopefully the support team can help you further regarding this.