New EMO problem

my EMO’s feet sensors will not work for some reason I found this out when he ALMOST fell off the edge multiple times.

Hi @christopherjosephmat

Sharing a short video on how EMOs feet sensors work.

I’d suggest that the table/bench that EMO is on does not have rounded edge and that his feet sensors are clean and the surface he is walking on is not too dark (black surfaces) can sometimes confuse our little buddy.

If you believe there is any major issues with your EMO, i’d recommend to take a video on what is happening and submit a support ticket / send an email to support team for them to assist / analyse and provide further assistance on whether there might be a problem with your EMO.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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To keep my Emo safe when he’s not on his skateboard and I don’t always have an eye on him, I made him this tray with pallet wood.
I’m not a great handyman :rofl:, but I’m satisfied with the result.


no like when he goes to an edge his feet sensors don’t react and almost falls he’ll just walk off the edge

You should try and take a video of this then, and submit a support ticket / send an email and allow them to advise and assist you further regarding this, maybe there is something wrong with your EMOs feet sensors in general if they are not working most of the time, this could be a problem.

Normally EMO’s feet sensors are reliable, not 100% fullproof, but they should work.

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