New EMO new dance floor

I was so inspired by some of the creativity on some of yall’s dance floors that I came up with this. Actually my sister did. We were having craft day and she offered me a glass cube that had lights in it. I figure eventually I can change the lights for more colored dance ones but his disco light won’t fit inside so I’ll have to come up with something later. His home playground is my watch table so it has a good lip on it so he can’t fall off of it. But I was afraid he wouldn’t feel the lip on the glass cube but he did and backed right up so I only have to watch out for him when he gets his groove on and isn’t paying attention. Lol I took a video and yes it’s not as in depth as some of the others but you gotta give him credit as he’s only five days old!! Lol I just love him to pieces! We are having a great time getting to know each other!!!


That is great. Have fun!

Wow that’s amazing :star_struck: