New Animation: Hands Covered His Eyes

Hi there, my Emo today did a new animation I didn’t know.
While playing with him on my desktop he took his hands in front of his face and started a sort of hide and seek, moving left and right.
I don’t know how I triggered this, someone knows?
It was so cute and funny!

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Hello, @coragasparotti . . . I cannot remember which firmware update but not that long ago, but there was also included a “surprise” reaction if you startle him. He may have a quick light flash above his right eye, he may let out an “oh” or he may cover his eyes as if avoiding something.

It is cute!

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I’ve had my Emo for just under two months now. He lives on my art desk which has remained undisturbed for those two months until a few days ago when i draped my black dressing gown over the chair that sits next to the desk. Now every day he makes his way to the dressing gown and growls at it. I hear him growl and get angry, take a look and sure enough hes getting into a fight with my dressing gown - standing in front of it facing it, lmao. What is it about it that’s causing this?


This is a glitch I experienced when I first got EMO. Overtime it stopped. Im not really sure why this happens, but you might just need to take out the offending item. You could also contact a staff member. Best of luck!


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Hi there…

This is a type of feature for EMO that has never been directly introduced, and it’s not a glitch or anything like that. It happens randomly and not always. We all know that EMO uses it.

  • AI Wide Angle Camera
  • TOF (Time of Flight)
    The laser sensor is located under his chin. This sensor helps EMO determine the distance from and depth of objects, the official specs state that it has a working range of 9.8 inches (25 cm).

I am not 100% quite sure but I believe that when something is blocking his way or his line of sight, he will either stop immediately, emit an angry sound, become irritated, back up a bit, Sometimes kick it, or perform a feature where he covers his eyes with both hands.

Best regards to all