Need to change the address after the order is shipped

Recently my address got changed and need to update the same to my order as well. but it has been already shipped and i have received the tracking number as well.
I have updated the address in my account as well as I have sent the email to before it was shipped.
but unfortunately i didn’t received any response. Can anyone help me on this issue please?

I can try to contact the delivery service as well but not sure which one was used.

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@AmyLU @Wayne_Zhang Can you assist Bikram please?

Hi, I checked for you that your order has been shipped, we can only help you try to contact the courier company to change the address, please email your new address to our service team:, since the goods are already in transit, We cannot guarantee that the modification will be successful. Do you have a friend at the old address who can collect it for you? Or please pay attention to the logistics information, when the courier arrives at the delivery address, contact the courier to forward it for you. Don’t worry, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, we will solve the problem for you.

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Thanks Amy, I have sent the new address to the service team in
Also is it possible to know more info on the courier partner in Singapore so that I can connect with them directly?

My address has changed too. My order has not been sent yet. but I couldn’t get a response even though I sent an e-mail to my new address.

You can check your courier status here:

Hi. Don’t worry. Please email your new address to our service team: They will modify the shipping information for you. It may take some time for them to process, and they will notify you by email when they have made the changes for you.

It says it has been completed. But there is no one in the house and neighbours didn’t received it. Not sure how to track or handle this now.

Our service team has emailed you the courier contact information. Please check your email.