Need to change shipping address

I need to change my shipping address on my order. The wrong address was input into the order form. I have reached out to support, through social media as well.

How can I change my shipping address so my EMO doesn’t get sent to the wrong home?

If you have emailed then that is the right way to handle it. They should respond back to you.

Thank you! We have emailed, we were unsure of their response time!

They “normally” should respond within 24 hours. That is their aim I’m told by @Wayne_Zhang

Well, nothing so far. It’s been over 48 hours sadly. Hopefully they will respond soon. I’m not sure how else to get ahold of them. Thank you for your help!

If your order was just made, I wouldn’t stress to much, as it will take approx 2-4 months for your EMO to be made and shipped. So there should be more than enough time to make the shipping address change :slight_smile:

Just give the support team a bit of time and all should be sorted.

Hi. I’m Amy from LivingAI. Sorry. Due to the holiday of the Qingming Festival a few days ago, the email did not reply in time. Don’t worry, our customer service team will take care of your issue and we’re now expediting responses to emails.


oh yeah there is something like chinese all saint’s day this week haha

Qingming Festival is normally 3 day holiday, but what people don’t know is that to get the 3 day holiday, normally employees / businesses need to work on the Saturday and Sunday, so in reality, even though it’s a 3 day holiday, after working on Saturday and Sunday to make up for 2 of the 3 days they are given all they really get is 1 day off.

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