Need info on my emo tracking

This is my emo current location can anyone tell me how long it takes to get delivered to Portugal

Which site or application does one track the emo?

17TRACK is the website i use to track my emo

I’m guessing you have received your official Tracking number from Living.Ai? If you have and you can see it in the tracking page also in your profile when you login to Living.Ai, (orders section > tracking) it should give you a simple status update as well in there, and it should say if it’s still in China (Shenzhen International Airport) waiting for available cargo space on planes leaving China going to Germany. (as from there ) it will be taken DHL will take it to your local courier service in Portugal.

Normally once EMO has left China it should only take no less than 2 weeks to arrive, but then you must note that during this time, delivery is in the hands of the courier / postal service and how busy and most importantly how “reliable” they are in doing the job, so hopefully if they do a good job, it should get there even in less than 2 weeks time.

As you are using 17 Track, that is the best way to track every step for EMO as it is more active than the Living.Ai tracking page.

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From Germany to customer’s hands in Sweden it took two days. The same from Germany to customer’s hands in the Czech Republic. I think that from Germany to Portugal it should be max three work days. And I have a Deja Vu that I already answered this once before.


I have a similar problem but in my confirmation email they didn’t include a street name on the shipping address

If you have any concerns, send an email to the Living.Ai support team to confirm that your postal address is correct. I can suggest that from the confirmation email you received, simply reply to that and ask if the support team to confirm your postal address.

I did contact the service team and they’ve confirmed there isn’t a street name and then blamed me for not adding it when I placed my order. They said it’s my fault but my address is correct and hasn’t been changed since January

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Hopefully it can be updated and changed in time so that there are no issues with delivery.

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