Need help deciding between emo and vector 2.0

1st Question, can Emo come when called like vector? And does he have google assistant or Alexa? Can he go into his charging dock by himself? Is he smarter or is vector smarter? And which one should I get and why. Thanks a lot for your replys.

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So you need to start your evaluation with the understanding that they are not the same designs. EMO was designed as an EMOtional pet more so than a robot per se.

Does he come when called? You can say look at me and he tries to find you - but not in the same way as Vector does (I’ve got vector 1.0 as comparison)

Google/Alexa - are features they are working on but not present right now. Honestly - if you want Google or Alexa I’d recommend purchasing a dedicated device - the experience will be much better in my experience.

Charging by himself - nope, not with the current charger. Living AI have indicated they are working on a charging stage which will allow him to go back to be charged on his own. No word yet on when that will be formally announced or released.

Which one should you get? Honestly based on the track record of the last 12 months, I’d have to say EMO. EMO has advanced a long way in that time with more to come. There’s been regular updates to EMO from Living AI both to resolve bugs and to provide new features (roughly every 4 to 6 weeks at this point). That’s my personal opinion of course :slight_smile:


There is also the fact that to consider that after over a year of promises, neither 2.0 model has begun shipping yet. Even once they do begin shipping you’d be behind everyone else that has pre-ordered already. The last announcement I saw mentioned said their best case scenario was to ship by Christmas (obviously didn’t happen), and worst case scenario was to ship by Valentine’s Day (still to be seen). Of course getting the correct robot for your particular needs is more important, but just be aware.

In the meantime people here have flipped out here because they didn’t ask questions up front, then found out that it’s going to take a few months to get their EMO?

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Emo can’t go in his charging Dock automatically.
But he is more cute.
Also with Emo at the moment you don’t have a monthly cost.

I’d go with EMO. V also has a yearly/monthly subscription as well, so you’ll need to be paying to keep the service up after you’ve already spent $$ buying it. Also what @Wayne_Small has said is spot on, both robots are different so you really can’t compare them. In the end everyone’s opinion differs so go with what you feel comfortable with.


There are plenty of videos of both robots on YouTube, just watch some of them and they should help you to choose.

Edit: Of course there are only videos of V1 because V2 still doesn’t exist.