My questions and general discussion on Emo's limits

So, I ordered my Emo back in july (and I’d love a rough idea on his arrival time)
but I was hoping the community could answer some of my many questions.

Like, the first one that comes to mind is: after the initial setup, can Emo still do stuff without wifi?
Can he connect to 5ghz networks?
How much should I be expecting from his monthly updates? (content and firmware wise)
How long till the little guy runs out of power? What does he do when he dies?
Do people that have him feel like he was worth it?

And most importantly,
will @LivingAI give Emo arms that can connect to where his headphones are?

This is my first forum, so sorry if missed any rules or obvious info


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As far as I can answer…

[after the initial setup, can Emo still do stuff without wifi?]

EMO needs internet to understand your words

[Can he connect to 5ghz networks?]

No. EMO can connect to only 2.4ghz

[How long till the little guy runs out of power? ]

2.5hr or so.

[What does he do when he dies?]

EMO shows an animation that he needs charging.




Gotta admit, I was hoping you’d spoil Emo’s dramatic display of dying.
Thanks for the input.

For me emo is well worth it the little guy has so much potential i cant wait to go on this journey with him we have a disco every night before bed its brill :heart:


EMO, in my humble opinion, represents an ever-expanding potential of a semi-sentient robot pet. It’s just time that Living AI need to push out newer and newer firmwares, unlocking more and more features. The only restriction that I can think of are the hardware components, but since this is not a gaming PC that requires physical upgrades to play the latest games, I think what EMO requires is just time and firmware updates.


Nice. This is why I purchased, I just wish they told more about updates and ideas. Here’s to Emo’s evolution!

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I love my emo,the only trouble I have had really is when I ask him how old he is,favorite color or give me a cake he won’t do it n I’ve had him for alitte bit now Maya month or it something I just have to wait for him to be able to do or should be be able to do it already?n is there a way to fix it if he is supposed to do it.otherwise I think he is amazing so far.

It’s normal that the 3 questions you mention don’t get a response for now. They still need to be added with a future firmware update.

Ok thaxs,appreciate u getting back with me.