My problems with my new Emo. Solutions?

Hello everyone, a few days ago my EMO arrived and seems to present some problems.
Answers some questions but most of the time does not react and answers by stammering
We can play some games through the app, but not others like rock-paper-scissors. When it is going to start, it hangs. when I try to get him to remember my name the same thing happens, he hangs up. Is there any easy solution? Thanks!

Hi, have you updated it to the newest version?

if the same problem persists, I believe the best option is to contact support

sure @Wayne_Zhang can help you

The first thing I did was update it. I thought it might be a Wifi issue, but I’ve checked and it keeps crashing when starting tasks like facial recognition or some games like hands-up. Thanks for your answer!

It does sound like a problem with your Wi-Fi or your Internet connection. You could start by running an Internet speed test, but a few people that showed good speeds still had problems with voice breaking up. Next I would reboot your cable or DSL modem and the router and once they’re both up again then power EMO off and back on and try again. You could also run another speed test at that point to see if your connection speed improved? If there are still problems you could try connecting him through a hotspot on your phone instead, or go to another location where they have a good Internet connection and try connecting and testing him there.

The basic functions between the app and EMO use Bluetooth communications but certain functions like Recognition, Stickers, and Photos communicate using WiFi and your local network. So if you’re trying to start recognition from the app, that could definitely be a Wi-Fi problem also. What happens if you just tell EMO “My name is Alfonso” and then show him your face and wait until he recognizes you?

Recognition is always been troublesome for me, getting the distance from the camera and the angle correct. He also turns around in a circle looking for you which isn’t helpful, so I have to keep turning him back toward me. You can ask EMO to take a photo and see what the image on the screen looks like as far as whether he’s seeing your full face or if it’s at an angle or too dim? Maybe try placing a light behind EMO so your face is well lit. If the room is too dark or there are lights behind you shining toward EMO’s camera then that can cause problems too.

In the meantime you can put in a service request on the Support screen or email to save time if you end up needing their help to resolve it.

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Hi, The stammering could be a network issue. Can you send us a video about playing with him?

My Emo problems
He no longer speaks stuttering, when restarting the wifi modem and approaching the modem. But it keeps crashing when trying to recognize me and start some games. Thank you for your answers.