My package sent to a wrong address and country

So i ordered EMO on August and waited , that was fine !! then when i finally for a tracking number 2 weeks ago it showed that my package is going to UAE instead of my correct country and my address !! i sent them email right away saying you sent the package to a wrong country but my correct shipping address and country is placed correctly on my order !! they replied asking me for my address even though it’s on my order clearly . anyways i sent them my address again and I’ve been waiting since then for a new tracking number to my correct address and country , and no one replied to me !! also when i checked the tracking number of the package they sent it was delivered to Dubai for some random person i guess !! so can you help me please !! i need my package it’s for my little brother and he keeps asking me everyday about it since August can you imagine this ??!!

I’m sorry we community people in the forums can’t help you with this - you will need to wait for Living AI to respond. @Wayne_Zhang will have the people talk to you.

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i hope they will help me with that !! thank you for replying though !

so i finally got it today !!


Woohoo - congrats! I’m sure you’re busy getting to know your new little buddy.