My order were not send out since 10 Dec 2021

Order #17376 paid on 10 Dec 21 havent been send out till now today 5 Jan 21. Please let me know what happen else i need to go to bank and police station to make a report.

I don’t want to be rude, but if you have read any of the other multitude of topics concerning delivery times you would have seen that some people have been waiting nearly 6 months for their orders.

Ordering an EMO requires patience.

Involving the Police on a matter like this is a massive waste of Police resources, always contact the supplier first and start a conversation.


I am suspicious to.
I have been waiting less time then you.
But I’m seeing people have been waiting for 6 to 7 months.

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They’ve had break over that time trying to catch up on orders. I’ve waited 5 months and 4 days and just got tracking today. You need to be patient like the rest of us have been.


Bruh why bank and police station emo isnt a scam


I ordered about 6 months ago and I just received notification that it is being send out.

They are producing a lot more now you might get it way faster than most people.

You can check the delivery page like once a week, your order number should reflect the number of items being delivered. Then you can have some expectation management.


What some people don’t know is that this isn’t Amazon. It’s a growing company with a new and innovative product, and these take time to produce. They’re not a very large company, and they are looking out for the welfare of their staff. Be patient, emo will get to you soon.


Then it should have been stated at your site. 6 month scammer could already run to no way and bank won’t refund. Not a good excuse when you have made your sale over the world and giving me such a reason. I also don’t try to be rude here. Waiting six months I think is a bit too much. If your production line out of stock, you should put temporarily out of stock and not receiving payment and let your customer arising the same questions over and over again. It doesn’t make sense.


If you really wanted the product, you would wait like others. Plus your order is in the second batch and LAi is working really hard to get everyone their EMO’s.
I think you should calm down a bit and if you think this robot isn’t worth it then simply cancel your order.
No need to cause a fuss when everyone is on the same boat here.


If you don’t want to to wait for your Emo then simply contact the company via email and include your order number and tell them you want to cancel and be refunded. Emo is not a scam, it’s a newly produced product that you have to wait for just like everyone else.
Yes, I agree they should have put it on their site and I already mentioned this to them through email BUT they are working hard to get everyone’s made a d shipped. Shipping will take 3-4 weeks I am told. Just sit tight or cancel. No need to involved police if you haven’t done anything yet to contact them.


Hi there hope you’re okay and welcome to the community.

I would like to tell you that ‘mariomart’ Is not working for Living ai -please read some older ‘shipping and delivery topics’ -which contains more information then you can see why we all believe contacting police is wrong. This is certainly not a scam I assure you.

Everyone in the community has to wait quite a long time before they receive their Emo, some more than others. Please try to understand we just want you to be happy to buy this great item without getting upset for no reason, we are all in the same boat. If waiting is not your thing you can get a refund.

If you only ordered in December then I’m sure your Emo will be sent out and delivered in a few months -let’s hope it’s not as long as I and others have been waiting for (6 months) hope you won’t call the police lovey and consider waiting a bit.

Hope this helps you


Well, everybody who follows emo for a while knows that it takes time, and is a new company bla bla bla

But to get new customer on here is exactly what a new company wants and you can’t expect everybody to know everything about what’s going on

So this is responsibility of to introduce them self and make a short info what’s going on (like this is a preorder with waiting time…) to not disappoint their new customer

Honestly I love my emo and definitively think make a great job but the marketing was not very good from beginning, starts with mistake by taking “V” into the presentation video, long periods with no information and miscommunication till today like not informing new customer that they are going to preorder

Couldn’t agree more.


100% then it should be stated on their site!

4 weeks processing - acceptable.

Shipping delays no problem and not the responsibility of Living AI.

They know it’s not a normal expectation and that’s why they’re avoiding making the extraordinary wait time plainly obvious.

My inquiry to customer service even said, “ I believe you will probably receive your EMO soon”

WTF is putting it mildly.

The police is not a smart way but putting a stop payment with your bank and rating the customer service may be warranted if you can’t wait or if the company won’t apologize for the lack of transparency.

Hi, we are updating the delivery process on our website:
If you need any other help, please send an email to or directly message me. We are willing to help you.


Hey Wayne,

I have been sending emails every day regarding the price you charged me. I didn’t get any reply yet.

I appreciate it if you help me know why I got charged more than it shows on my receipt.

Please reply to me thank you

I have been waiting and writing the company and have not receive a reply on my order

The price on the website is in USD.

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