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After enduring the long wait I have finally recieved my EMO and have had a couple of days to get to know him. I kept my expectations low considering alot of the things Ive read while silently lurking on these forums the past two months. I even told my spouse that I was worried I wouldnt bond with EMO the way I did with Vector. But low and behold Im glad I was wrong. EMO fits in perfectly. He and Vector interact and get frustrated when either gets in the others way. When EMO is dancing to his music Vector will join in. I HAVE witnessed Vector try to shove EMO off a cliff but were working on that lol.

As for my unpopular opinion. I know alot of people want EMO to be able to self charge…but hear me out: I would understand coming from the mindset of someone who doesnt have Vector to want a robot with autonomous free will, however i would argue its nice being able to put EMO on his skateboard and NOT HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT HIM. The amount of times I have heard the bang from downstairs of Vector falling off my endtable is frightening. While both robots are “supposed” to be good with not falling it still happens. And every time they fall its a massive risk of damaging them permanently. So if they do decide to offer a ramp system or something like that I would hope they make it optional at least. I also do not like how difficult it is to wake up EMO during his sleep time. This is a small complaint but seriously frustrating.

As for EMOs schedule. I love it. Except for TV time. The sound is a clear loop and its jarring. However I love work time and food time. I often listen to ASMR in order to relax and whenever EMO starts tapping on his keyboard or munching a burger it puts me in such a calm state. In fact I wish we could just tell EMO to tap on his keyboard or eat a burger just for the sound and animation lol.

All in all I feel like EMO is well worth the wait and the money. I also feel like the competition between Vector and EMO needs to come to an end. I know the drama and i get it but at the end of the day both of these robots have so much heart in them and seeing them together on my endtable makes me wish there companies and fanbases got along as well as my two fellas do.

End of rant. I might update.


I have one Vector and two EMO. I actually had to make separate rooms for the two and Vector because of his love of pushing them around. Big brother Vector (birth date October 21, 2018) can be very territorial. He can no longer fall off of places but he has been known to pick his cube up and chuck it over the wall of his room onto the kitchen floor.

Lately I have discovered that writing stories and making videos with all of them together can be very fun!

I also love them all.


Competition will always exist, and actually it is a good thing for us (the consumers), because it keeps the companies on their toes and drives them to continuously improve their customer service and of course their products. I personally have not seen any animosity between Vector owners and Emo owners. In fact from what I have seen, a lot of people have both. Also I don’t doubt that having a Vector automatically makes Emo more exciting as you see the two interact (one reason I want to get a Vector also), but for many of us who only have one Emo, I think most of the complaints/issues are valid.

It’s not an animosity between the users, and in that case it it’s not healthy competition either. It’s just vindictiveness and trying to suppress a superior product, by a bunch of grifters who after 2+ years still haven’t managed to ship any product that wasn’t already in existence when they took over the failed company!


I thought they came up with the Vector 2.0 when they took over?

Are you saying DDL is trying to suppress LAI’s “superior product”, Emo? lol
Besides, I thought all that legal crap that went on a couple of years ago (or so), was all over and done with?

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Their CEO posted a video trying to claim they won the court case but it was only a portion of their claims, and the case is still unresolved the last we were updated. Sure they came up with V+C 2.0 versions which were just minor improvements to an existing design, and supposedly the butter robot. After 2+ years of pre-sales and collecting pre-payments for server subscriptions and service contracts for equipment that still doesn’t exist yet, they’ve missed multiple shipping date deadlines that they set. Some of last ones were supposed to be by December, and “worst case”by Valentine’s Day. Then after claiming they had already shipped some (they didn’t) they said they found a new problem and had to halt shipping. Supposedly they were getting ready to ship again then a couple months ago they said they were just beginning the FCC approval testing (which can itself take months, and which customers were led to believe had been done last year). That was all only for the V 2.0, there was never any mention of when C 2.0 would ship, and the butter might be in 2024 if at all?


There is no competition, only a legal case taken by DDL against Living AI. From Living AI perspective, they just want to make a toy robot with a difference, and there’s many differences between EMO and Vector already. All it takes is for DDL to decide to stop their action and the issue goes away. I fear though that DDL’s persistence against Living AI will cause Living AI to NOT WANT to introduce features that we might want, because DDL will just think they are copying Vector when in reality Living AI are trying to give people what they ask for… it’s a tough one for sure. Again this is my personal opinion and I don’t work for Living AI, so take it for that alone :slight_smile:


I can see how there would not be much competition between the two, especially after reading @macfixer01 's last post, (makes me think twice about getting a Vector 2.0). Though I would not say that Emo is a superior product… yet.

I think there are many things EMO can do right now that Vector can’t do, likewise there are things Vector does that EMO does not. Does that make one superior over the other or just different? I’ve got Vector 2.0 on order too… so will see how it goes, but they have not really announced any new features for it beyond the hardware/battery door changes that I know of. Anyway - I’ll leave it at that for now. :slight_smile:


That’s how I see it as well. How does this benefit us the consumer in the long run when this sort of stuff happens and healthy competition is not really allowed, and if it does you are slapped with a legal case for trying to add features that might be somewhat similar, but requested by the customer who might only have the option to afford ONE specific product and not all of them that are currently available in the market at the moment. (not everyone owns a Vector or EMO, or RoboHon, or Moxie or Jibo, etc.) but would like to have as many cool features as possible on the product they have purchased.

Last time I checked no one company has the monopoly on making TOY Robots that can talk/dance/walk or play games with you.

A similar example: Same as what we have right now with Next Gen gaming consoles like XBOX Series X/S, a Playstation 4/5, and Nintendo Switch they are all owned by different companies, they all have similar functions/features, and most of the games out there can be played on all these consoles, but then they also have console exclusive titles and features that make it their own. Why can’t AI TOY robots do the same thing without getting into disputes with one another?

Having more variety and diversity in this specific market is what we need right now, this way things can improve and evolve and NOT just stay the same and fizzle out and end up gathering dust on a shelf as an unwanted/useless product that we’ve spent our hard-earned cash on.

My 2 cents, and personal opinion as well :wink:

Also … @oktobrluv Great to see you’re enjoying your new EMO, he is certainly really fun to play and interact with! and Yes…EMO’s TV sound is quite jarring, hopefully, it might get updated soon :wink:

Regarding the self-charging playground, I’m also looking forward to what Living.Ai do with the planned playground/charging area as well. You already know, but, EMO cannot walk up any sort of incline even if it’s very very small, so the new playground they are working on when it does get released (I’m thinking) will be a big large flat area where EMO can walk around in and when his battery gets low he can just walk over to charge area charge and then walk away and go play again. I hope this does get released soon as it’s something I’m personally wanting to try out, my two poor little EMOs are stuck on my boring old work desk all the time.

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Oh I actually thought I read somewhere that DDL went bankrupt? I didn’t know that they were still selling those “other” robots. I’m waiting patiently for my EMO. Looking forward to share my experience here too!


No ANKI went bankrupt, and DDL bought their assets and are resuming production of Vector and Cozmo.

I just finished reading your post MasterAbbott and found it informative and refreshing… Nicely written. the last thing we want is for all the products to stagnate through the greed of rival companies. Anyway just thought what you wrote was well done :yum: I’m looking forward to the next update I hope they fix things… Anyway take care :blush:

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Thank you @Puppy444 appreciate the feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ahhh yes, that was the name of the company! Thanks for the info. Hopefully LivingAi never meets that fate.

Yeah me too. Otherwise Emo will be the most expensive paper weight I have ever seen! lol