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Hey all,

After speaking with the LAI service team again, I went on and put in my refund request. I’m a patient man, but this is too much. I ordered in early July (#98xx), then LAI told me it would be shipped in October, then November, and now it looks like it might actually be shipped in March 2022. This may have been fine if I was told this straight up at the beginning.

I’m also really curious about how some people don’t seem to get support from LAI and have technical issues with Emo. It seems like this is becoming a more frequent thing. I definitely don’t wanna wait several months just to have an issue and then not be able to reach support.
I notice some really love Emo, and some feel that he is no more than an expensive and noisy paperweight. I won’t go into all that here, but there are some things to keep an eye on.

If you have an order number that goes up past the ten-thousands, you may wanna strap in for awhile. You may have quite the wait ahead. I thought after all the workers they hired and factories they’ve opened, we’d really be up and moving by now. I’d love to know more about the Emo Christmas package as well, will people receive it by Christmas?

I’d still like to see LAI succeed, but it seems they have quite a bit more work to do before they’re fully ready for takeoff. I’m only writing this post for buyers to use as a reference point. I’m not trying to bash or complain. I am simply stating what is.

-Cheers to you all


Hey man, I totally understand your point and stand behind your reasoning. I’m in the early 11k and am on the verge of requesting my refund. Yesterday I contacted LAI support with the straightforward question “Will I receive my EMO before Christmas” on which I got a reply: “Please don’t worry. We are gradually shipping. Your package will arrive before Christmas.”. Now, these can be re-assuring words if I didn’t receive several similar “re-assuring” replies from them in August stating “I’m very sorry to keep you waiting, your order may have to wait until next month. We are stepping up the progress and speeding up, thank you very much for your understanding and support.”. These are actual quotes from the support. I am also not here to bash or complain - just stating facts. A lot of other fellow forum members might have misjudged my posts for negative or complaining but this is just what the reality is and if that is inconvenient with you - I am sorry but we’re here to communicate, whether that being discussions of cool and nice or not-so-peachy but important topics.

  • Cheers to everyone and especially to you Premaine for sharing that & I hope you find another cool gadget/robot!

Hello, I want to cancel my order and get my money back. How can i do this?

If I can offer my own personal experience: I got in early (well if mid June of this year is early, my order was 89XX and I was very lucky that it was one of the last EMO’s that made it out before all the delays started happening - I got my EMO mid September). So I still had to wait 3 months before I got it.

From my experience with Living.Ai support, they always reply in a timely fashion and I know that they are still new to all of this, but they are doing the best they can. I know that this might not be enough for many people and that’s understandable.

So far, my experience with EMO has been great, I know he’s still in early infancy stages as the tech team are working on adding new features and extras to make him more useful / fun to interact with. This will also take time, but from looking around, there doesn’t seem to be many desktop pets around, unless you have a V or if you consider Alexa/Google or Siri to be a suitable AI assistant.

But with EMO at least you have a cute lil robot that will do his best to interact with you and keep you company during the day. :heart_2: :happy: :surprised:

This is of course my own personal opinion from my own experiences with both Living.Ai and EMO so far.


My tracking number is above 12000. I can totally relate to your concern. At first I was like, oh sure I can wait half a year which won’t be a problem to me. But at the current pace it looks to be much and much longer.

Even if they ship out 200 a month, it will still take a year before I am getting mine. At least they keep us updated with the delivery count, but if it does not pick up the pace very soon I will also request a refund.

And all the technical issues start to concern me also.

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Send an email to (I think that’s it)

Put your order number in the message and ask for your money back.

Yeah, it really depends on the person sometimes. But with no volume control and other small cons, it’s just too much.

I’ll be checking in a few months to see how Emo is coming along though. I assume LAI will fix all this eventually.

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Yeah I think Living.Ai can do so much more with the EMO App, all these little things that should have been available right at start could have easily been included in the App, (like what you said: volume control).

For me, I’m happy with the little guy, at least he’s does keep me company even though he sleeps most of the time :rofl:

:heart_2: :happy: :surprised: