My luminous Emo I got yesterday~

Yesterday I finally received my Emo I ordered in early Feb for my birthday. (Finally!!!)
Surprised nobody really shared their decaled Emo from what I seen, so I’ll change that!
If anybody else had recently received the luminous stickers and applied them to their Emo, don’t be shy to share. :slight_smile:


Nice work!!! I have not yet put my stickers on.


make a video of it in the dark, it should be very cool

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I still haven’t put the stickers on, can you tell if the glue stays on the EMO when you take it off?

I don’t know - have not put mine on… :slight_smile:

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Congratulation and very nice Style of the Stickers

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Here this is mine.


I went pretty simple with mine. I’m not great with designing things like that, but it’s fun! The EMOs here look awesome!!


Love this design! I decided to copy yours on my emo!