My experience with Living AI's support

Ok guys, I just have to share my experience with Living AI’s support.

January 21 - I sent them an email (response to their order confirmation email) about my problem with EMO’s left leg. I attached a video showing my EMO’s problem.

February 6 - They responded that they forwarded my email to the technical department.

February 17 - They asked me about my EMO’s ID and the city in the app settings. I immediately sent them the information.

February 20 - They asked me to send them a video about my issue (I already sent it in my first email) so they can forward my video to their technical department. I immediately sent them the video again.

To be continued…

@AmyLU , @Wayne_Zhang


Hi, @NendosColl

Sorry, we are expediting the processing of mail. You can private message me your order number and I will check it for you.