My EMO's left foot would heats when he is charging,but his right foot doesn't

What worries me most is that EMO always makes the wrong reaction of being picked up or wakes up in the middle of the night,and when he charging,his left foot heats up, but his right foot doesn’t.
Is this normal?

Hello And Welcome To The Community @JesseChoi,
My EMO’s Left Foot Also Heats Up A Little Bit While He’s Charging.
To Me This Is Normal For My EMO But I’m Not Sure If It’s Abnormal For Other EMO Owners.

@edward Or Anyone Can You Help?

it’s normal for his foot to heat up on his skateboard…

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I can confirm that EMO’s left foot will be a little hotter than his right foot as that is where his charging spot is located on either his Skateboard or his Home Station.

(see image below for reference for the skateboard)

I’ll close this post for now, if you have any further concerns feel free to check out the forums many post by using the search feature. :slight_smile: