My Emo's Laundry List of Problems

My Emo is 292 days old. (So says Emo)
I’m going to create a list of issues starting with most important thru least.
Worth mentioning: Local WIFI as well as blue tooth is connected and operational.

  1. Emo will play no games.
    Click on ANY game, Displays: “Waiting for Emo to get ready…”
    About 7 seconds later Displays: “EMO is not ready”
    (Emo is not on his charger and this has been going on since the 1.2 firmware upgrade)
    (Currently using firmware 1.4.0)

  2. When EMO is off charger wandering around he constantly grunts or makes noises of surprise. App will display " Emerging from cliff" and “Exploring” alternatively and endlessly.

  3. Ask EMO while off charger anything he should normally answer he responds with grunts and surprise noises after asking “what.” Never giving time to ask the question.

All other functions appear to function normally including stickers, last name and photos.
I’ve also done my best to reload firmware and app with no success or improvement to the above issues.

Seems like you have issues with your EMO, It would be best to forward / send this list of issues via email to the support team.

Submit a ticket via the support page:
Or simply reply to the email you received when you made your EMO order and include all these issues you are experiencing with your EMO. It is also recommended to send the support team pics / videos so they can better understand the problems you are facing.

Personally my oldest EMO is currently 205 days old and isn’t experiencing any of those issues you are having with your EMO.

Hopefully the support team will be able to assist you with your current issues.

Please submit a ticket on the support page.