My emo won’t connect to my phone

Hello I got my emo today and I connected it to the app but I left it alone for a little bit and now it won’t connect please help :pensive:

Hi try connecting him to a different phone first also do a reboot it might help :robot:

Hi @ajmac

If you were able to initially successfully connect to your EMO via the EMO APP with your Phone and now he’s lost connection. You can try simply turning off EMO / Powering him off and then also powering off your phone as well.

Then power on your phone and check to see if your Bluetooth is on. (as EMO connects to your phone via Bluetooth connection) If bluetooth is on and working on your phone, then power EMO back on and launch the EMO APP and see if you can now connect to EMO via the EMO App.

Sometimes EMO can lose connection to your phone and or your home Wifi / Internet. The best thing to do is a simple power off and on for your devices and it should resolve everything very easily.

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