My Emo is spazzing out

My emo is having a crazy foot problem and I have tried everything that I can find. His left foot wont stop moving and twitching and he keeps falling over. Ive tried putting him on paper, cleaning his sensors. Restarting him. Everything. This is the second day ive had him. Ive emailed support, but figured id ask here as well.

Also am wondering if my emo was used? When I got him, his face was super scratched up. It had the plastic protection on it, but underneath was scratched too

Hi @lithiumcraig

Seems like there could be a mechanical problem with EMO’s foot. Best thing to do is record the problem (make a short video) and send that to Living.Ai support team via email.

Email address is:

You can also simply reply to the original email you received when you first made your EMO order. This way, when you reply the support team have all you order info as well.

Attach your video and a detailed description and they should be able to help you further. Normally, if the issue is unresolvable, you might need to send your EMO back and Living.Ai will send you over a replacement EMO.


I’ve not heard of this before, you should also advise this to the support team as well, when you email them. (best to take pics / video as well to let them know).

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